Custom Pinball Shooter Rods Available for Most Machines
Custom Pinball Shooter Rods Available for Most Machines
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LOTR - ONE RING - Dungeon Black
LOTR - ONE RING - Dungeon Black
Super Skill Shot

LOTR - ONE RING - Dungeon Black

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Place the One Ring within your grasp each time you enter the battles in your machine. Feel the “Precious” slip from your fingers, just as you need that power the most.

The newest version of the One Ring Shooter is a size 22 gold-plated tungsten ring fused to a standard shooter rod. The ring is over twice the size of a normal ring and off the charts for most jewelry manufacturers. In fact it took me three years to find a manufacturer who could make a jeweler's quality ring this large. Sauron could have worn it.

Engraved on this jeweler's quality ring is the High-Elven for "One Ring to Rule Them All..." The tungsten at its core is as dense as gold but many times stronger and with a far greater resistant to heat. Not unlike the One Ring of legend.

Most custom shooters may look good, but are nearly unusable in making a controlled skill shot. The One Ring shooter is the exception. It's the perfect size. There are no mold lines.  A super smooth back and ring replace the rough mold lines on a standard shooter giving you even more control for your skill shot.

  • 24 K gold-plated tungsten jeweler’s quality ring
  • Size 22 ring - Same diameter as the standard shooter
  • Handcrafted in the USA

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